Qrop® K replacing potassium chloride (MOP) to the benefit of Indian onion growers

Use of potassium chloride (MOP) is subsidized by the Indian government, and the resulting low price is the main factor in the choice of MOP as K-source by farmers. Onion was selected as a target crop for demonstration trials to persuade farmers that initial investment in higher priced potassium nitrate as optimal K-source will be compensated by a higher expected yield and better quality of the produce.

The trials showed clearly the benefit of potassium nitrate as the preferred K-source for onion over MOP. In all treatments using Qrop® K the yield was higher than the farmers’ control with MOP as the sole K-source. Increase of the total level of potassium, with 67% of the K provided as Qrop® K resulted in the highest increase of yield (32%). At an equal dose of K, yield increased 27% over the farmers’ practice by replacement of 50% of the total K with Potassium Nitrate as Qrop® K in trial I and by 17% by replacement of 100% of MOP by Qrop® K in trial II.

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