Potassium applications on table grape resulted in 80% more net income (+9.610 US$/ha) in Mexico

A field test evaluated the effect of enhanced potassium application on fruit yield of 'Flame-Seedless' table grapes in Mexico. The potassium was applied by fertigation in the forms of SQM's water-soluble potassium nitrate Ultrasol®NKS, and potassium sulphate Ultrasol®SOP, at 190 kg/ha or 290 kg/ha, compared to growers' practice of 90 kg/ha only. The fertigation sessions started at mid bud-break, and ended 2 weeks before harvest. The treatment of 190 kg/ha K2O showed best effect in terms of both total- and commercial- yield. It produced 9,9 and 9.0 kg/plant of total- and commercial grapes, respectively, as compared to 7,3 and 6,6 kg/plant, respectively, for the 90 kg/ha K2O treatment, and 7,9 and 7,2 kg/plant, for the 290 kg/ha K2O treatment. The 190 kg/ha K2O treatment also produced highest maturation earliness. The earlier and higher yield, of treatment 190 kg/ha, produced a remarkably higher (+80%) net income. Cost/benefit ratio=33.

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