Better crop development and higher yield in potatoes destined for processing industry

A Belgian research station shows early crop development, improved yield, tuber number and higher underwater weights of tubers with Qrop® fertilisers in potatoes destined for processing industry

A fertiliser programme for processing potatoes (cultivar Fontane), including Qrop® mix (20-10-16), Qrop® complex Top K (12-6-24) and Qrop® K PluS (12-0-46) was compared with two standard reference fertilisers urean + KCl, or calcium ammonium nitrate + KCl, in a randomised complete block design. In the SQM programme, the fertilisers were applied in split applications, compared to a full application of the standard references at planting. At the same rate of total N applied, use of Qrop® fertilisers improved early crop development and increased marketable tuber yield with 7%.

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