Ultrasol® and Speedfol® in processing tomato increased net farmer income with 1.050 US$/ha

A field experiment was performed in 2006/07 in Central Chile, with the objective to increase the yield and net income of processing-tomato growers. The checked nutrition scheme was based on a variety of SQM's products for soil-, and foliar- application, Ultrasol® and Speedfol™, respectively. The yield was increased by 32% (25MT/ha) compared to grower's practice by Ultrasol® products. The addition of Speedfol® products to the Ultrasol® scheme added extra 7MT/ha. Hence, the total contribution of the nutrition scheme based on these products came up to 41% (32MT/ha). The yield increase was markedly the result of higher mean fruit size. Additionally, SQM's products concentrated the maturity of the tomatoes to a narrower time frame, so, the marketable fruit share in the farmer's practice, Ultrasol® and Ultrasol® +Speedfol® schemes were 73%, 77% and 83%, respectively. The net income of the three schemes were 788, 1444 (+83%) and 1842 (+134%) $US/ha, respectively.

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